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CrowdInsights is a digital solution that actively monitors urban environments detecting the composition, dynamics and motivations of crowds.
It provides data analytics and actionable insights to support decision-making and planning among administrations and businesses.

Key Features


CrowdInsights provides comprehensive & cross-sourced data: it integrates data collected from IoT sensors, mobile phones and social media to generate in-depth, multi-scale views on urban dynamics. Its solutions include both real-time & post-hoc results.
CrowdInsights offers data analytics and actionable insights to public administrators (urban planners, security officers), tourist and culture offices and agencies, events managers, commerce districts.


CrowdInsights supplies perspectives of city dynamics at different levels based on several types of data.
CITY LEVEL: people presences in the city and their demographics and provenience using Mobile Telco Data. STREET LEVEL: people counting & trajectories using commercial, privacy-preserving IoT sensors distinguishing people and directions. CITIZEN LEVEL: provides insights on how and why people populate the city from Social Media and personal Apps.


CrowdInsights addresses 3 main different scenarios. DATA-DRIVEN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: pre-decision support & before-after comparison, help with prioritizing decisions and validating & measuring the impact of people's flows. EVENT MANAGEMENT & EVALUATION: feedback & validation of choices and critical aspects (safety) of different initiatives in the city. TERRITORIAL MARKETING: more effective, predictive & targeted marketing, adapted according to events and tourism.

Our Solution

CrowdInsights provides decision makers with reliable predictions and actionable insights on the composition, dynamics, and intentions of crowds in the urban environment. Understanding people’s behavior is crucial when, for example, a city manager has to decide opening times of a pedestrian area, or when commerce districts want to deliver effective marketing campaigns. CrowdInsights makes available, in a privacy-preserving way, the pervasiveness and velocity of modern data-driven technologies in order to dynamically and continuously support urban stakeholders in understanding their city.

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CrowdInsights is an Innovation Activity supported by EIT Digital,
a KIC of the EIT, a body of the European Union.

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